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Quote Process - for any harmonic damper

Today you can buy an inspection of your worn out harmonic damper/crank balancer and a quote for repair by the damper dude.  

Inspection quote cost $40NZ$.  (All credit cards accepted or paypal)

Plus freight to and from your place to our place. 

NB when paying for this quote please include payment for return freight or a return freight courier ticket or similar. 


Also include your Trading Name, address and contact details, contact person, as well as full details of the damper and the engine model, type, year and cc rating. 


Upon receiving the damper John will inspect it and then contact you to discuss his quote with you and let you know if your damper/balancer is repairable. Going ahead with the rebuild is your choice. 

John will rebuild/re-rubber it like new. Including paint colour of your choice and seal repair. Oil seal repair costs an extra $50. 
Turnover time is usually within 7 days but can be longer if a way of repairing the damper has to be invented - please realise that these items were not manufactured to be re-manufactured at all. 
Most motor vehicles were designed to last 5 - 10 years and then be discarded. 
Unrepairable dampers will be returned to you using your return freight payment/ticket.