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So- you have a harmonic damper that is not working; 

ie. it has worn out the rubber, has cracked, is rattling 

inside the pulley; So how do you get it off? 

Usually the boss or nut that holds the crankshaft pulley in place is very hard to get off.

We recommend that you use a heavy duty rattle gun to loosen the nut, alternatively a heavy hammer may loosen it enough to be removed by hand tools.
Many cars have a place on the front of the pulley where a special tool fits to hold it still while you undo the boss. Some crank nuts or bosses have 200lb torque wrench settings. so be practical and anchor your motor and make sure you aren't going to puncture your radiator or anything else with your efforts to get it off.

NEVER hit the pulley even lightly or a glancing blow with a steel or iron hammer. It is usually made of cast iron and will shatter or crack if hit this way. Then you will have to buy a NEW pulley or damper instead of being able to get a rebuilt damper.

Once the boss is loosened use a hub puller of the correct size to gently ease the damper and/or pulley off the crank shaft.
 Take the damper to your specialist - in NZ Harmonic Damper Rebuilds Ltd in Waihi, to have the damage assessed and a quote for a rebuilt damper. Or, if you are hotting up the engine beyond the manufacturer's specifications then purchase a high performance damper.

To re-install your repaired damper use the hub puller to slowly ease the pulley back on to the crank shaft.